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Guest Post by Project Artist Eloise Hopkins

I like working in squares, I find them pleasing. Sitting in that cool, ancient space made me think of creating 8 'tiles' - one for each space. I wandered around, exchanged a few words here and there with the other artists and musicians and soaked up the atmosphere. I sat in a pew as it happened around me, tea lights and voices swirling in that ancient space, sacred.

Back at home I played the track on repeat and looked through my photos. I picked out some patterns in stone and wood that pleased me. First I experimented with linocut printing using what i had around me - a Styrofoam pizza base and a sharp pencil. I drew the swirls of metal covering an old door and printed it with red ink. I experimented with black and white, negative and colour images.

I was taken with the shadows in that ancient space. The shadows that have emerged through centuries and the shadows that we cast. I painted a watercolour background, inspired by the old stone and the words sung out by the choir. I sketched patterns of high stone arches letting the light in and intricate wooden detailing. Then I cut them out with a sharp knife and added them to the back of the watercolour as silhouette.

All the while the singing and the sound of strings was all around me.

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